Hi........ everyone :D

I finally get to sit down and write this.... apologies for the long wait....

Here is the breakdown of $ collected.... some were donated in USD, HKD, RMB.... after deducting the fees from paypal and bank, below is the amount in SGD. Total amount after conversion is 1490210won. All of the money collected has been donated to KRPS in Sooyoung's name as our gift for her birthday.

The target started off with something simple, as we gradually moved on.... the final amount was set to be 1490210won.... just the night before Sooyoung's birthday.... lol... (the amount on the acknowledge letter was handwritten coz I didnt had time to inform.... )

14 (year 2014) 90 (Sooyoung birth year) 210 (Sooyoung birth month) thus... 1490210 ^^

As for the heart-shaped cards, letters and cards collected, these were handed to Sooyoung on 2014.02.16. Sorry, I had all in a paper bag sealed.. so i dont have a final pix of everything, but here's the box that contained the heart-shaped cards plus stars.

And the letter from Singapore SONEs to Sooyoung... secret contents ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

And finally... last but not least... the letter received from KRPS thanking everyone who has contributed. (yes, dated on Sooyoung's birthday)

No amount is ever small nor big.... it's always your heart and thoughts that counts. Thank you to everyone who contributed and helped. It is you, who make this birthday project possible.