In collaboration with sootaeggoma for Sooyoung's 27th birthday, we will be doing the following:

1. Letters / Birthday cards collection.

Please pass them to me no later than Jan 20th.

2. The donations and birthday support for those who does not have paypal. I can assist to accept payment in Singapore, Canada and Hong Kong.

I will also contribute few copies of Sooyoung's Casio brochure that I got from China to some lucky donors, local or overseas.... i'll cover shipping. Picture ->

In addition, I still have some balance photocards from 2015 birthday support, I'll give these away for every donation too. yes yes... shipping.... included... lol...

For Singapore:

Donations over USD12 - SGD amount will be $17.50

Donations over USD30 - SGD amount will be $43.00

Above amounts include exchange rate fluctuations and fees. For all other donations amount, please email me at

All the above will include shipping to your home, there will not be meetups.

Please transfer to DBS eSavings Plus Account 120‑3‑006215 and email with the subject 2016 with the following information
- Name
- Amount transferred
- Attached bank transfer screenshot or atm transaction slip

- Mailing address

For Canada and Hong Kong, please email me at for bank accounts and amount.