Spread the love! No matter where are you residing in the world :)

1) Birthday Mushy Letters / Birthday Cards
It’s time to pen down the nicest words ever. Tell her that love for her is always there. Sometimes words alone can be very heart-warming especially when we are far apart from each other. Don’t be shy, don’t just sit there. Get moving, start writing! There’s no if, as every sentence of love will be read. The thing is, are you mushy enough?

2) All My Love Is For You this V-Day

Since it’s also Valentine’s Day around the corner, lets send her our loves in a heart shaped card with the handwritten words
Love from name 


Card size of approximately 7cm by 7cm. If you have problems cutting it into a heart shape, just write it on a card within the size and post it to me, we'll cut it for you.

Please write the words in marker pen.

You can of course send a letter along with a card too if you like.

Please send all letters and cards to:


All letters and cards to arrive no later than January 15th 2014.

If you have any questions, please email supportsoo@pltang.com (i may not be able to reply immediately, so plz have some patience)

Closing date extended to Feb 3rd