Love has no definite shape or size. Love through words, actions, numbers and symbols. No matter what form love chooses to take, love is a feeling and it surrounds us. On February 5th 2015 at the LLang x Colourmix fansign in Hong Kong, thanks to the relentless support from SONE, our birthday support for Sooyoung expressed love through 520 and 143 – I love you in Chinese and English – and thus moving her to tears.

Thank you to all the SONE who decided to participate in this birthday support. No matter how much you contributed to this project, never forget that a little kindness can always go a long way.

While being in this fandom, we are constantly inspired by all the charity and unconditional kindness the girls put in to helping those in need. Thus for Sooyoung’s birthday, we chose an organization that resides very close to her heart. This year, our overflowing and unwavering love for Sooyoung was expressed through a donation of 520,143 Korean Won to KRPS.

At LLang x Colourmix fansign... The moment we presented this cheque to Sooyoung at the fansign event, her eyes immediately began to water as tears of unmasked gratitude and appreciation rolled down her cheeks. To the fellow SONE who presented the cheque, Sooyoung offered her hand and shook it with abounding warmth. It was hard for her to control her feelings because she was thankful to SONE, and the repetition of “thank you so much” was all the she could manage. This is because she was moved beyond what words could convey.

After years of being together as idol and fans, we have slowly begun to understand each other’s hearts – learning how to love more through compassion. And sometimes gifts don’t need to be extravagant or gregarious to graciously be accepted as love. Sometimes, the simplest forms of love and care that cannot be worn or used can embrace the heart more than anything materialistic. And through Sooyoung’s tears of appreciation, we knew that she had just received one of the most memorable and meaning birthday gifts this year.

words by: FrozenArctic